The Modern Bassoonist: In search of affordable, efficient, and sustainable bassoon reed-making

The Modern Bassoonist:  In search of affordable, efficient, and sustainable bassoon reed-making

Bassoonists confront the mechanical vestiges of an older age on a daily basis, but perhaps no holdover compares to the practice of reed making. We are inheritors of a craft from the pedagogues and players before us—I often jokingly refer to this as "reed-making lore." Instead of discussing the "lore" itself, let’s first touch upon wrapping, then explore how modern bassoon reed-making trends prioritize affordability, efficiency, and sustainability.

Welcome to the Basso Vento Blog!

I am Maxwell Grube, an active bassoonist and educator around Central and Western NY, and more recently, Northern NY. After my graduation from the Eastman School of Music (DMA, Bassoon Performance), I saw the opportunity to build an online store for selling handcrafted bassoon reeds. I have been making reeds for all levels of bassoonists during my graduate studies and professional pursuits, and I am excited to share my ideas with you via this blog.

Why read my blog? I hope to provide insights into reed-making and adjustment methods, and topics related to bassoon performance and literature. This blog will offer reed tips, ideas for experimentation, and links to related online writings. Finally, I want this blog to be more than just another forum for preserving the methods of the past. While I hope to discuss and build upon the rich contributions of past bassoon pedagogues, I also want to address the pressures and concerns facing the 21st-century bassoonist. 

This blog will be about the exchange of ideas and questions we all share as bassoonists and, more importantly, as modern-day musicians. We are, each of us, searching for solutions to the science (and mystery) that is reed making and bassoon playing. Join me in making this blog a place where everyone is welcome to share their musings on all things bassoon.

Upcoming Topics:

  • The Modern Bassoonist: In search of Affordable, Efficient, and Sustainable Bassoon Reed-Making

  • Designing Reeds for Solo and Ensemble Playing

  • Tips On (Reed) Tips

The Modern Bassoonist will be an occasional blog topic, with a shifting focus for each post. I hope to discuss the trends, developments, and ideas that impact our performance as modern players of bassoon. 

I invite you to leave comments and feedback on future blog entries, and to like/share a post if it interests you. If you have an idea for a topic, please contact me and I will consider your topic for the blog schedule. I look forward to reading and responding to your ideas!